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CFH VP James Gormley Shares a New Year Message

Happy New Year to all of our supporters, friends, allies and readers. Now that the wrapping paper is gone and noisemakers are stowed, we wanted to send this very brief note looking back at (and forward to) a few issues relating to natural products, health and the environment. First, there is general

Lawmakers Push Back Against The Latest Flimsy Campaign To Crack Down On Kratom

The herbal drug “should be legal and available for those struggling with addiction,” said Rep. Jared Polis. By Nick Wing Members of the U.S. House began circulating two Dear Colleague letters on Wednesday, urging their fellow lawmakers to take a stand against renewed federal efforts to crack down on the herbal drug

The Bonvie Blog: Dangers Lurk After Halloween

October 31, 2017 Now that Halloween is here again (it always sneaks up on you), we hope you've heeded our earlier advice and found treats that are free of the various “badditives” that are still being allowed in so many products. But those scary ingredients, such as high fructose corn syrup, artificial

The Bonvie Blog: Tricks or Treats? Halloween Creeps Nearer…

October 18, 2017 New Jersey - Halloween is coming. And the scariest stuff is as close as your fridge or pantry. It’s that time of year again when, unless you live in an isolated cabin in the woods (or possibly more so if you do), stocking up on “treats” is practically obligatory. Now,

Transpartisan Review

We thank you for following along with the evolution of the Transpartisan Review. We believe strongly in this project by CFH President and Board Chair James S. Turner and colleague A. Lawrence Chickering - an effort to free the issues of the day from the shackles of partisan politics as

Transpartisan Note #56

Possibilities for Transpartisan Governance Transpartisan Note #56 by A. Lawrence Chickering and James S. Turner In Note #54 we introduced the Centrist Project. This group promotes cooperation and collaboration among state legislators. It seeks out sitting legislators willing to declare independence from current parties and willing candidates to run as independents. They expect

Transpartisan Note #55

The Centrist Project Meets the Washington Press Transpartisan Note #55 by A. Lawrence Chickering and James S. Turner Alaska Gov. Bill Walker, an Independent and former Republican, and Byron Mallott, his Democratic rival, debated each other so many times that they got to be allies. “We discovered that we liked our state a