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4 Responses to “Subscribe”

By James Finn - 9 April 2017 Reply

I would like to learn more about your organization and perhaps be an advocate in NYC. James Finn

By Frank - 1 June 2017 Reply

I apologize for somehow missing this comment Mr. Finn. I am forwarding your message to our Board Chair, Jim Turner, to alert him to your interest.

By S Alston - 9 April 2017 Reply

I’d like to see the deadline you have for any of your petitions.
Thank You.

By Frank - 1 June 2017 Reply

Any petitions listed should still be active. The HFCS issue in particular is a long road, and one we intend to stay focused on until we see a proper resolution to the need for truly informative labeling and a public fully informed about the substance.

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