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NDI Groundhog Day: Let’s Start a New Day!

By James J. Gormley

25 by 25: 25,000 Signatures by February 25!!

Do you feel like we are all living in some sort of reality that keeps repeating a day until we get it right, as Bill Murray’s character, Phil, learned in the 1993 movie, Groundhog Day?

Well, in this case the FDA is Phil and it needs to learn a lesson here. Please sign the petition!

Talking about lessons, in November, Citizens for Health (CFH) supporters made grassroots history by joining forces to amass over 12,000 “Withdraw the NDI Petition” signatures in 10 days!

Representatives from CFH (Jim Turner and James Gormley) honored that commitment on December 2nd by  meeting with top aides from 11 key U.S. House of Representatives and U.S. Senate offices, where we dropped off the petition along with the 12,686 signatures from many of you!

While we received the warmest reception at the offices of Congressman Darrell Issa (CA) and Congressman Ron Paul MD (TX) — thank you Congressmen and your aides! — we look forward to working with a number of Congressional movers-and-shakers to push for a withdrawal of this misguided Guidance. [You can sign the petition here]

In fact, two of the three original authors of the law that protects our supplement rights, Senator Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) and Tom Harkin (D-Iowa) met with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) a few weeks ago, but  their request that the Guidance be withdrawn was denied.

We at CFH have been calling for the withdrawal of this Guidance since September 13th, and we are pleased that the health-food industry associations are now calling for the Guidance withdrawal as well.

With CFH’s petition campaign signatures now approaching  19,000 even though the official comment period is over, we are going to continue to collect petition signatures and pass them along (in batches) to Congress and the FDA. You can sign the petition here to help us reach 25 by 25!

In the weeks ahead, we will be following up again with the 11 legislators whose offices we visited in order to ask for their support in calling on the FDA to summarily withdraw the Guidance and to hold a public hearing if it is not immediately withdrawn.

You can rest assured that your having made history with this petition will not be forgotten, and we use the power of your signatures, and your commitment, to achieve continued consumer health-freedom victories!

Our new goal is 25 by 25, or 25,000 signatures by February 25, and with your help we can reach it! Sign it today to make history … again!

Written by

Vice President and Senior Policy Advisor of Citizens for Health and a principal of Gormley NPI Consulting, James Gormley served as the Editor-in-Chief of "Better Nutrition" magazine and Editorial Director of the Vitamin Retailer Magazine group. He also served as the Scientific and Regulatory Affairs officer for Nutrition 21 and attended Codex Alimentarius meetings in Paris and Rome. An award-winning blogger and author of six books, including "Health at Gunpoint: The FDA’s Silent War Against Health Freedom," Gormley has been a leading consumer health advocate for nearly 20 years.

20 Responses to “NDI Groundhog Day: Let’s Start a New Day!”

By Barb Feggestad - 9 February 2012 Reply

It’s just one more thing THEY want to take away from us! I’m glad something has been started so we can fight for our rights!



By Maryjane L. Chalakani - 10 February 2012 Reply

Do not take away our rights to choose and buy supplements, vitamins and natural therapies. Let us FREE Americans decide for ourselves!


Maryjane L. Chalakani

By Robert Pallin - 11 February 2012 Reply

I believe in freedom of choice.

By Dorothy Symonds - 12 February 2012 Reply

PLEASE don’t take away our right to choose what suppliments we feel are beneficial to our health and well being.

By Dorothy Symonds - 12 February 2012 Reply

Please do not take away my rights to take supplements that I know are beneficial to my health and well being.

By Robert Gauer - 12 February 2012 Reply

I feel it is crazy that the government, with all that is going on, should be interfering with our rights to use suppliments and vitamins that can only help and benifit us.

By morton and martha wood - 12 February 2012 Reply

please withdraw the guidance

By w. allen - 12 February 2012 Reply

leave our rights alone!

By Ruth R. Blake - 14 February 2012 Reply

This is supposedly a Free Country. Prove it!!!

By Joseph - 14 February 2012 Reply

Be sure to see all the thieft going on not only this. be sure you only keep the money needed and take all the rest out before you can`t. I had one monster of a time getting all of mine out. Today it is almost impossible to. Do not believe me try this yourself. They want us to see the left hand while they use the right hand to steel us blind.

By Albert Crino - 15 February 2012 Reply

Every voice counts; Support our right to choose supplements!

By Marilyn Martin - 15 February 2012 Reply


By David Bauman - 15 February 2012 Reply

The new NDI guidelines are going to be a nightmare for the FDA to enforce. Furthermore, the FDA is going to be hit by a large volume of lawsuits. The new guidelines violate DSHEA which protects supplement manufacturers and the public health.

By mae velasquez - 16 February 2012 Reply

leave our sup, herbs alone. mae velasquez

By Breana McElgunn - 16 February 2012 Reply

GMO’s in food supplies are not and never will be ok to consume by the US population. Ban these in food supplies so we can become a healthier nation.

By Dorothy Kreider - 17 February 2012 Reply

According to the Constitution we are free to make these decisions for ourselves. We do not have to ask the government what kind of supplements we can take. We only need to know.if what we take is safe with no additives that would be dangerous to our bodies. We do not need GMO in our food or supplements.

[…] James Gormley of Citizens for Health joins Daily Paul Radio with Kurt Wallace for ‘FDA Declares War on Consumers – Ron Paul and Citizens for Health Fight Back” to discuss the attack on consumers and the Dietary Supplement Health & Education Act of 1994. Sign the petition here! […]

By Elena Lane - 5 March 2012 Reply

Leave my right to be healthy alone.

By dolores tippett - 6 March 2012 Reply

we do not need GMO with all its unknown side effects in our boddies. Dolores Tippett

By elektronik sigara - 26 June 2013 Reply

I can’t wait to read your new novel! Please post por info

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