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A Guide For The Perplexed On Vaccinations: What The Coffee Jitters Tell Us

By Alison Rose Levy via The Integrative Health Outlook


In following the vaccine debate, I’ve observed what seem like two completely different versions of reality. For those perplexed by this, here’s a brief guide to a basic issue underlying this long-standing controversy: biological individuality. If properly understood, it can create the ground for reconciliation.

Have you ever noticed that feet come in all shapes and sizes?

Why do you adore spicy food while your beloved hates it?

How come your friend can handle a lot more alcohol than you?

So whence cometh the assumption that we’re all completely unique on the outside, but exactly the same inside?

Most people don’t even react to coffee the same way!

If my calm and collected pal Charlie drinks any caffeine whatsoever, he morphs into a jittery Mr. Hyde–complete with road rage. My friend Lynn sleeps like a baby even after an evening expresso. Me? If I drink caffeine after lunch, I’m up watching Sex and the City re-runs until 1 A.M.

Our differing reactions to coffee are just one of thousands that reveal that what’s going on inside of each one of us is just as distinct as our outer appearance. Scientists call this biochemical individuality.

Excepting water, no food, drug, or substance is good for all of the people all of the time. What’s helpful for some, can be useless or harmful for others. Yet medical research tends towards majority rule. If it’s statistically proven to work for some, then we leap forward to assume it must be great for everyone–despite all the common sense evidence about how totally unique each one of us is.

How To Create Your Own Pandemic: Infectious Creativity Used By Big Pharma

By Dana Ullman, Expert in homeopathic medicine


Even though deaths from influenza have not increased at all in the past 20 years, have you noticed how much fear and anxiety the media has created about the common flu recently? And even though the number of people getting the flu vaccine has increased tremendously in the past 20 years, the number and percentage of people getting the flu has not decreased in the past 20 years.[1]

Why, oh, why then, is the media so obsessed with the flu?

The answer is simple: Big Pharma is wonderfully creative in marketing this pandemic. But fret not, with a little instruction, you too can learn to create your own pandemic…here’s some history and some suggestions to make you successful…

Just prior to Donald Rumsfeld becoming Bush’s Secretary of Defense, he was the Chairman of the Board of Gilead Sciences, the company that created Tamiflu. Rumsfeld and his associates seem to be as (in)effective in fighting viruses as they are terrorists, but this doesn’t stop them from making a buck or two (or more).

In fact, according to Marcia Angell, MD, (the former editor of the New England Journal of Medicine), the top 10 drug manufacturers in the Fortune 500 made more profit in 2002 than the remaining 490 (!) companies combined. [2] The medical industrial complex can whip the butt of the military industrial complex easily.

The “good” news about Tamiflu is that research shows that it will reduce a person’s symptoms of the flu by ONE day (isn’t that worth the $1.89 billion in sales that are expected in 2009?). The fact that there is no evidence that Tamiflu will cure the H1N1 flu or even reduce its symptoms in a significant way seems to be a perfect fit for what was the “Bush Doctrine.”

The diagnosis and prognosis of a “Western medical disease” (what might be called a “WMD”) seems to be based on faulty medical intelligence or simply selective medical intelligence.

Tamiflu does have a tendency to cause various side-effects, but side-effects (and collateral damage) are simply the price that we have to pay for health (or war). Some of the side effects from Tamiflu include suicide–but only if you’re a child; delirium–but heck, if you’re delirious, you might not even know it; convulsions–but you might learn some new dance steps; hepatitis and liver disease, but maybe it’s good “exercise” for the liver; asthma and allergy symptoms–it is so good for you that it takes your breathe away!

Citizens For Health Statement Regarding Current Action Request

By Jim Turner

The CDC says “By law, parents, guardians, or patients must be given information in writing about the risks and benefits of vaccination before a vaccine is administered.” The CDC also recognizes that: “All states offer medical exemptions (individuals who are immune-compromised, have allergic reactions to vaccine constituents, have moderate or severe illness, etc.).”

It is our policy to oppose all mandatory vaccinations and to support all exemptions, religious, philosophical and medical. If these exemptions were required for the swine flu program, which is what our action seeks, then the swine flu vaccination would be voluntary – which is our objective. If informed consent were also required, which our action seeks, this would further emphasize the point that all vaccinations should be voluntary–i.e. there should be no vaccine mandates. “No vaccine mandates” is our position. Our action alert is designed to advance this outcome. We would be delighted to receive from you any suggestions about additional ways that our shared objective of prohibiting all vaccine mandates might be achieved.

Reasons Not To Get Swine Flu Vaccine – Brilliant

Jean-Jacques Crèvecoeur
Montréal (Québec – Canada)
Ce 13 octobre 2009

Why am I categorically refusing the vaccine against influenza H1N1?
This list of reasons are only my own view. They’re the conclusions I have arrived at after several months of thoroughly studying the scientific documents, official publications and declarations of medical authorities.

I’m giving you links to Internet sites so that you can check information yourself and give the whole issue further consideration. As you will see, the reasons for my own refusal are many. I do not expect you to agree with my arguments since everyone has a different point of view. What I do invite you to do is to consider which are the sentences here that fit your own reality. And simply follow the voice of your conscience. In any case, only one reason should be enough to push you to refuse this vaccine. For you and for your close relations, it is your choice.

I refuse this vaccine because there isn’t any flu pandemic in 2009 yet
(I remember that it was the WHO which, on April 27, 2009, defined what the levels of pandemic were and considerably lowered the threshold of how to define a pandemic level – Click: Before that date, the current figures would not have merited even a short article in the media. Indeed, this little flu has had a mortality rate of only 4,525 (WHO statistics at October 4, 2009 – click: i.e. fifty times less than the normal seasonal flu, which kills between 250.000 and 500,000 people per annum! Click:

I’m refusing this vaccine because forty years of anti-flu vaccination have not brought convincing proof of its effectiveness
(In other words, for forty years, the people vaccinated against the influenza get as sick with influenza as those not-vaccinated – Click: but spend more on health care in the year which follows vaccination)

I refuse the vaccine because I’d have a 50 times greater chances of dying of the consequences of vaccination than of dying of this influenza (indeed, in the six next months, if one doubles the number of deaths caused by the influenza H1N1, that would make about 13,000 dead for the whole of the planet ( of 6.8 billion inhabitants). I thus have a 1: 520.000 chance of dying of the influenza. On the other hand, according to the pharmacoepidemiologist Marc Girard, we have a 1:10.000 chance on of dying of the effects of this H1N1 vaccine- see: # (By my calculations then, I have, in the event of mandatory vaccination, a fifty times greater chance of dying of the vaccination than of the influenza).

City Nurse Stricken With Rare Syndrome After Flu Shot

By Alice McQuillan


A nurse was stricken with a rare nerve disorder that can cause paralysis two weeks after receiving a seasonal flu shot, the New York State Health Department confirmed Wednesday.

The unidentified female nurse has been diagnosed with Guillain-Barre Syndrome and has been hospitalized at North Shore University Hospital on Long Island since September 14th, the department said.

Michelle Pinto, a spokeswoman for the North Shore-LIJ Heath System, said “we do have a patient at North Shore University Hospital with Guillain Barre syndrome. The cause of the Guillain Barre is inconclusive.”

This nurse, who lives in New York City and does not work at North Shore, is “improving and responding to treatment” said Claudia Hutton, public affairs director for the State Department of Health.

Hutton said doctors have not proven a link between the vaccine the nurse received on August 31st and her illness, noting that she had traveled to India before getting the seasonal flu shot.

“At this point there is nothing in the medical record to indicate that the Syndrome was caused by her seasonal flu vaccine,” said Hutton.

In the past, Guillain-Barre Syndrome has been associated with a particular swine flu vaccine given in 1976 but “since then, flu vaccines have not been clearly linked to GBS,” according to information about this year’s vaccine on the Department of Health’s website.

However, concerns about side effects from the vaccine remain, prompting a lawsuit by nurses in New York state objecting to this year’s health department order making the season and swine flu shots mandatory for all public health workers.

The causes of Guillain-Barre, which affects only about one person in 100,000, are unknown. A rapidly moving disorder, it typically attacks the nerve reflexes in the legs and the respiratory system, sometimes triggering complete paralysis.

New York City health officials said they “participated in a joint investigation and forwarded the results to the Centers for Disease Control” but declined to detail those findings.

According to the national institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, “usually Guillain-Barré occurs a few days or weeks after the patient has had symptoms of a respiratory or gastrointestinal viral infection. Occasionally, surgery or vaccinations will trigger the syndrome.”

An average of 200 to 300 people a year contract the syndrome in New York state and most recover, said the Department of Health.

Judge Temporarily Halts Mandatory Flu Vaccines

4:50 PM EDT, October 16, 2009

ALBANY, N.Y. (WPIX) – New York’s second-largest public employee union is challenging a state requirement making it essential for all health care workers to be vaccinated for the swine flu virus.

The Public Employees Federation filed a lawsuit Friday, claiming the State Health Commissioner Richard Daines, overstepped his boundaries. Under the policy, workers would have to be vaccinated by Nov. 30 or they could face possible disciplinary action, including dismissal.

As result, a judge ordered a temporary halt to mandatory flu vaccine for state health care workers.

In addition, the group is looking to seek federal injunction to halt nationwide distribution of the H1N1 vaccine, claiming it is a new drug and must go through rounds of testing before it can be deemed safe.

The Food and Drug Administration announced Sept. 15 they had approved the vaccine for distribution. The agency says the vaccine is simply a change in the strain from the typical seasonal flu and doesn’t require testing as a new drug.

Four U.S. firms have reportedly been approved to produce the vaccine under federal contract.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, has advised that all pregnant women, health care workers, people between the ages of 25-64 and individuals working with children under 6 months of age get the vaccine.

Lawsuit Seeks to Halt US Swine Flu Vaccination Campaign


WASHINGTON (AFP) — New York medical workers took legal action Thursday to halt a massive swine flu inoculation program being rolled out across the United States, claiming the vaccines have not been properly tested.

Lawyers for the group filed a temporary restraining order in a Washington federal court against government medical regulators they claim rushed H1N1 vaccines to the public without adequately testing their safety and efficacy.

“None of the vaccines against H1N1 have been properly tested,” attorney Jim Turner, one of half a dozen lawyers working on the case, told AFP.

The complaint filed Thursday argued that far from preventing a massive outbreak of swine flu, the “live attenuated influenza virus nasal mist vaccine could trigger” an H1N1 pandemic.

“I don’t know of another live vaccine for flu. So you have immediately a new problem you don’t have with a killed vaccine,” Turner told AFP.

Officials at the National Institutes of Health have said that trials of swine flu vaccine began in August and delivered results last month, showing that the vaccine was well tolerated and produced a robust immune response in older children and adults in good health with just a single dose.

But Turner insisted that “the FDA did not do the proper testing to show safety and efficacy of this vaccine, which is under the law a new drug.

“When I say test data, I don’t mean some professor at some medical school somewhere infected some students and said ‘I don’t see any problems.’

“What I mean is carefully conducted double blind placebo controlled studies trials done in accordance with FDA regulations, and a whole series of them to look at dosing… which are then reviewed by FDA scientists.

“None of that has been done on this vaccination and we’re saying the law requires it to be done,” Turner said.

The suit was brought on behalf of a group of doctors, nurses and other medical personnel in New York, where health care professionals who see patients are required to be vaccinated against H1N1, Turner said.

If the complaint is upheld, it would stop the roll-out of the H1N1 vaccine nationwide, said Turner, who accused public health officials of hyping the swine flu outbreak.

“Officials have said the virus is so much like the ordinary flu virus that they don’t need to do special new drug testing on it because it’s just the same old virus with a minor change to it,” he said.

“We’re saying, if that’s the case, then all the hype about this thing being a worldwide threat is misplaced and they’ve stampeded the state of New York into taking an action they never would have taken if it were just another flu.”

Last week, some 2.4 million doses of nasal spray vaccine made of greatly weakened, but live, H1N1 virus were delivered to state and local health authorities around the United States.

Karen Lancaster, a spokeswoman for the MedImmune, which manufactures the nasal spray H1N1 vaccine, told AFP that the the company has had a seasonal flu vaccine made with weakened live virus on the market since 2003.

This week, millions of doses stocks of injectable vaccine were delivered and administered to people in groups deemed to be at particular risk from swine flu, including children and health care professionals.

US public health officials want to vaccinate tens of millions of Americans by year’s end against swine flu, which has claimed more than 4,500 lives worldwide since an outbreak of H1N1 was first reported in Mexico in April.

Swine Flu: What To Do?

swine flu
By Dr. Frank Lipman, Integrative Physician

Summer is over and the question I am being asked most frequently in my practice is, “what do I do about Swine flu?” My patients are wondering whether or not they should get vaccinated and the simple answer I give most of the time is ..NO!

From what you may have read, you might think that the swine flu vaccine is the answer to swine flu. Unfortunately this is not true and until we know that the vaccine is safe, I cannot in good conscience recommend it to most of my patients.

From the outset, let me say, I am not anti all vaccinations, rather I am pro vaccine safety and freedom of choice.

This is why am I not recommending the swine flu vaccine.

1) At this stage, for the most part the swine flu seems benign.

Over a million people in the US have already come down with swine flu, many of them without even knowing that they had it. The vast majority of people who get the swine flu recover after a week or so of high fever, aches, and respiratory distress. It’s not pleasant, but except in rare circumstances, it is not fatal. Most people who’ve been infected by swine flu think so little of it, they believe they just had a really bad cold or a regular flu. So unless the swine flu evolves to a much more virulent form, there’s no need for mass vaccination

2) We don’t know if the vaccine will be effective.

Vaccines are only useful against the specific viral strain that was available at the time of their manufacture. But influenza viruses mutate quickly, and as the WHO has already said, the real concern with H1N1 swine flu is that it will combine with seasonal flu in the Fall, creating a new strain that will of course be immune to all available vaccines.

3) We don’t know if the vaccine is safe.

The FDA has authorized an expedited approval process for the swine flu vaccine but we don’t know yet if it is safe. Even GlaxoSmithKline, one of the vaccine manufacturers has said, “The total population studied in clinical trials will be limited, due to the need to provide the vaccine to governments as quickly as possible. Additional studies will therefore be required and conducted after the vaccine is made available.”

The Public Relations Machine for the Vaccine Complex – The Role of the CDC

By Richard Gale and Dr. Gary Null

One hard lesson we should have learned after Wall Street’s collapse and the government’s handling of the bailout is that there is no reason, whatsoever, for us to sacrifice our good faith and trust in former bankers who now run the Treasury and Federal Reserve. And now as the flu season gets ready to kick off amidst much fanfare and predictions of doom due to a new H1N1 influenza virus, there is emerging sufficient information to raise very serious doubts whether our nation’s health authorities are truly serving the public health instead of commercial interests.

If the flu season goes according to schedule, the vaccine industrial complex will be poised to join Wall Street for record year rip-off profits. We will also likely witness huge Pharma executive bonuses and perhaps gold-plated toilets. Even if the CDC statisticians’ crystal ball used to forecast rampant swine flu infections turns into a complete bust—which would only be one more added to many other failed flu predictions back to 1976—it will nevertheless be a very profitable failure as was the economic collapse for the banking cartel. The vaccine industry has now received orders in the range of 3 billion doses during the course of the coming flu season. The World Health Organization would like to vaccinate two thirds (4 billion) of the global community, and the US alone is spending $2 billion to stockpile the nation with upwards to 250 million doses.

In the US, such profits could never be accomplished without a dynamic, marketing initiative to convince Americans that vaccines will keep them protected and alive. And what better public relations machine for the vaccine complex, and all its supporters in health insurance and professional medical institutions, than our very own Centers for Disease Control and the Department of Health and Human Services. Even better, our tax dollars are there to pay for it all. We pay for the comfort in knowing that the CDC’s disinformation campaign will continue to scare us over the major networks and the New York Times. We can also assure vaccine makers that once and for all they are protected from liability in the event of serious flu vaccine injuries.

Nevertheless, the government has a lot of vaccine vials to distribute, therefore, the CDC needs to sustain the fiction of numerous elderly dying in nursing homes, unvaccinated pregnant moms and children facing life threatening complications, and scores of sick and dead burnt into our national subconscious. It is all part of the CDC’s script to get citizens rushing to their doctors and Wal-Marts to be vaccinated.