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Protecting Your Individual Health Freedoms Radio Broadcast

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In this increasingly complex world of regulations, environmental contamination, and special interests vying for control of your medical privacy and access to complementary/alternative healthcare practices, fortunes are in play and your basic human right to health is being challenged. Advocates have described the wellness arena as follows, “Medicine is a science, healing is an art, and healthcare is a business”. Today, hosts Dr. Meg Jordan and Terry Moore will discuss exactly what’s at stake here in the United States, and how alarming regulatory trends around the world and special interests are jeopardizing your Constitutional rights and your ability to live a long and healthy life. Today’s guests will be James Turner, a renowned regulatory, environmental and product safety attorney who has appeared before every major consumer regulatory agency, including the Food and Drug Administration, Environmental Protection Agency, Consumer Product Safety Commission and Federal Trade Commission, as well as the Department of Agriculture and the National Institutes of Health. Jim will be joined by Michael McCormack, the President of Citizens For Health and an accomplished litigation attorney and counselor focusing on emerging health law matters, including regulation and advocacy.

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Petition the FDA for more health information labeling

Currently, food manufacturers are prohibited from labeling their products with accurate health-related information without being subjected to a lengthy and expensive FDA review. In a recent court case, the judiciary agreed with natural health consumers and ruled that the FDA’s approval process is unconstitutional on First Amendment grounds. In response, the FDA has announced the opening of a comment period to guage public opinion on the subject of qualified health claims. This is our opportunity to help expand public knowledge and wisdom regarding natural health products like foods, vitamins, herbs, and minerals. Don’t delay, click here to register your comment today.

Congressional Dietary Supplement Caucus Update

WASHINGTON—The Congressional Dietary Supplement Caucus, in cooperation with the two the Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN) and the Natural Products Association (NPA), hosted the third of a series of lunch briefings since the Congressional Dietary Supplement Caucus was founded. The briefings were aimed at educating Congressional staffers on important issues related to the dietary supplement industry.

William Cooper, M.D., medical director of cardiovascular surgery, Wellstar-Kennestone Hospital in Marietta, Ga., and assistant professor of Cardiothoracic Surgery, Emory University School of Medicine, spoke to more than 90 attendees about the importance of using dietary supplements as part of an overall healthy lifestyle. Dr. Cooper also offered advice for how supplements can play an important role in prevention and healthcare reform.

“When you get to me, you really don’t want to buy what I’m selling,” said Dr. Cooper, referring to his heart surgery specialty. He encouraged the individuals in the audience to focus on preventative health, rather than the current sick-care health system that is in place. “As a nation, we are consistently inconsistent. But there are simple things that all of us can do every day to better our health—and that includes taking dietary supplements.”