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5G Media Advisory: Call to Substantiate Claims of “Safety”

UPDATE: Watch Senator Blumenthal’s press conference on the dangers of 5G: View it here.

As the Senator notes, despite the FCC’s assurances that 5G is “safe,” “We need evidence.” And classified evidence is NOT enough.

CFH and NISLAPP believe the available scientific evidence: The impact will be harmful. “We do not know it is safe” is very different than “It will be harmful and people need to be warned and protected.”

Media Advisory

Senator Blumenthal and Congresswoman Eshoo Press FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr to Disclose Evidence of ‘5G Safety’

Washington, D. C., December 3, 2018:  The National Institute for Science, Law & Public Policy (NISLAPP) applauds Connecticut Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) and Congresswoman Anna G. Eshoo (D-CA) for pressing FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr, Esq. (Link downloads PDF file) to provide documentation substantiating the Commissioner’s remarks defending ‘5G safety’.

NISLAPP seconds this request.  

Jim Turner, Esq., President of NISLAPP, says:

“NISLAPP considers it a mistake to place new high-frequency radiating antennas in local communities, in very close proximity to homes, office and schools, when no pre-market health testing at scale has been conducted on the effects of the radiation emitted, to our knowledge, and when much safer hard-wired internet access technologies are readily available. We strongly support Senator Blumenthal and Congresswoman Anna Eshoo’s request of FCC Commissioner Carr to provide the documentation evidencing the FCC’s ‘safety determination for 5G’, along with the supporting scientific citations used in making that determination.”

The formal request to Commissioner Carr requesting these documents was announced at a press conference this morning in Hartford. In the letter, (Link downloads PDF file) Blumenthal and Eshoo explained that recently, in a Senate Committee field hearing in South Dakota regarding 5G, Mayor Paul TenHaken of Sioux Falls, SD was looking for “clear direction, talking points, studies that have been done that show that there is no harm to our constituents and to the taxpayers on putting these small cells on towers close to libraries, close to schools, close to their homes.” And that Commissioner Carr responded at the time, saying, “Federal law actually says that state and local governments can’t take [radiofrequency] concerns into account given how much work has gone into this issue at the federal level…Both at the FCC and other expert health agencies in Washington, they stay very much up to speed on these issues and have reached the determination that these are safe.”

Following this exchange, Senator Blumenthal and Congresswoman Eshoo are presently calling on FCC Commissioner Carr to send the following documentation to his office:

  1. The 5G safety determination from FCC and other relevant health agencies to which Commissioner Carr referred during the field hearing.
  2. Current citations for the studies informing that safety determination.

They said his own constituents have similar concerns about 5G, and that they want to provide them with accurate information.5G

Senator Blumenthal and Congresswoman Eshoo said we “are interested in acquainting ourselves with the latest studies evaluating the health effects of high-band frequencies and modulations that would be used in 5G networks.” They noted, “Most of our current regulations regarding radiofrequency safety were adopted in 1996 and have not yet been updated for next generation equipment and devices.” They also mentioned the large U.S. government-funded study by the National Toxicology Program, published this year, using earlier generation technologies (2G and 3G), showed a link between radiofrequency radiation and cancer.

Blumenthal and Eshoo added, “Carriers will also need updated guidelines governing the authorization of devices to be used with 5G,” and “We also believe it is critical for the FCC to act on its March 27, 2013 Further Notice of Proposed Rulemaking and Inquiry to ensure all individuals, and especially those working in close proximity to the hundreds of thousands of small cell facilities to be deployed, are protected from any kind of excess radiofrequency radiation.”

The Communications Workers of America was present at the press conference, as was science writer and expert in electromagnetic fields, B. Blake Levitt. See Levitt’s remarks. (Link downloads PDF file).

The National Institute for Science, Law and Public Policy considers Senator Blumenthal and Congresswoman Eshoo’s line of inquiry about the extent of safety evaluations of next generation 5G radiation to be critically important. Camilla Rees, Senior Policy Advisor to NISLAPP, says, “All Members of Congress, as well as state and local government officials, might consider asking similar questions about the new, different and dangerous fifth generation radiofrequency technologies that the telecom industry intends to deploy widely within our living environments, and about which scientists around the world are warning. (Link downloads PDF file).

International scientists in many countries are calling for a moratorium on 5G until the potential hazards are fully investigated.

Additional Warnings about Radiofrequency (RF) and 5G Health Effects from Scientists

Beatrice Golumb, MD, PhD (Link downloads PDF file), Professor of Medicine, UC San Diego

Martin Pall, PhD (Link downloads PDF file), Professor Emeritus, Washington State University

170 Review Studies on RF Biological Effects prepared by Martin Pall, PhD

NISLAPP Paper Explains the Far Better Alternative to 5G ‘Antenna Densification’

“Re-Inventing Wires: The Future of Landlines and Networks” by Timothy Schoechle, PhD:

We recommend Members of Congress and state and local government officials seriously evaluate safer alternatives to ‘antenna densification’ and the many angles (Link downloads PDF file) from which 5G distributed antennas are a very serious mistake for the United States.

Levitt – 5G Information Sites for Media (Link downloads PDF file).


Jim Turner, Esq., President

National Institute for Science, Law & Public Policy

(202) 255-8040

Camilla Rees, MBA, Senior Policy Advisor

National Institute for Science, Law & Public Policy


Martin Pall, PhD, Scientific Advisor

National Institute for Science, Law & Public Policy

(503) 232-3883

Timothy Schoechle, PhD, Senior Research Fellow

National Institute for Science, Law & Public Policy

(303) 443-5490 (or Tues/Wed only: 303-818-8760)


Panel Event on Dangers of Exposure to EMF


Learn About:
The Emerging Public Health Issue From Cell Phones and Wireless Technologies. The trillion dollar wireless communications industry has grown to dominate our lives over the past decades yet little concern has been paid by U.S. public health officials to the long term health risks from continually bathing ourselves, and our children, in electromagnetic fields.

Warnings From Around the World. Independent scientists, as well as physicians and psychologists the world over, say the human health stakes from EMF (electromagnetic field) exposures are comparable to those from tobacco and asbestos, and even greater as in this case the entire population is exposed. DNA effects, including fertility effects, experts say will likely be irreversible for the species.

Special Vulnerability of Children, Fetuses and Sperm. Children’s bodies and brains are more vulnerable and they face a longer lifetime of exposure. Exposure to electromagnetic fields in utero is correlated with health challenges such as ADHD, emotional problems, asthma, obesity and possibly Autism Spectrum Disorder, but expectant mothers and parents are not being told about the risks.

What Independent (NonIndustry Funded) Science Shows. Biological effects from the radiation emitted by cell phones, routers, portable phones, iPads, and wireless baby monitors are well documented. Decades of research, including research funded by the telecom industry itself, shows indisputable physical, mental and emotional risks, while government turns a blind eye, in effect protecting the industry, and its own economic interests, instead of public health.

Ways Other Countries Are Limiting Children’s Cell Phones and Wireless Exposures. Countries around the world, as well as the European Parliament, are advising limiting radiation exposures for children, the elderly and people with compromised immune systems. In the U.S., we are increasing exposures for children and infants, and the general population is virtually ignorant of effects on fetuses.

Join us on Friday, June 28, 2013 at 6:00 p.m. for a lively discussion about this emerging public health issue with leading experts from top universities. Learn ways you and your family can adjust your environments to minimize exposures and to optimize cognitive function, learning capacity and health and fertility prospects in a wireless world.

Check the link below for a list of speakers and their bios:

La Grua EMF & Children, Fetuses, Fertility Flyer

Getting Smarter about the Smart Grid; New Report on ‘Smart’ Meters, EMF, and Government (mis-)Spending

Citizens for Health is calling attention to the new report, “Getting Smarter About the Smart Grid” because, in addition to the wasted money, unsafe technology, intrusions on privacy, and manipulation of energy bills, so called “smart” meters are alleged to pose serious health hazards to a significant number of people.

Please read the material below and urge your Senators and Member of Congress to look into the “smart” meter question and support holding public hearings on the problems that “smart” meters pose. — Click here to take simple, swift, and effective action.

“Decentralizing power by distributing it is part of an evolutionary trend that began when PCs replaced centralized mainframes making computing power available to all. We have seen this movement, as well, in the breakup of the telephone industry, the burgeoning of locally grown farmers markets, development of the mutli-billion dollar natural health market, and the growing mobile applications (apps) industry–which is transforming the recording, movie and education markets. According to the founder of the first one trillion dollar company, Visa, it developed around the principles of distributing power, diversity, and ingenuity. Apple, likely to be the first company to be capitalized at one trillion dollars, kicked off the distributed economy with personal communication devices. Dr. Schoechle’s new report points the way to how federal energy policy can facilitate the democratization of energy generation–allowing the cumbersome and inefficient energy sector of the economy to join the burgeoning consumer driven markets–by investing in the right smart grid technologies. Such investing will ultimately be a boon for our economy, including not only for consumers but also for the investors, managers, and suppliers of energy production. The movement toward a decentralized economy has the potential to be as significant as the industrial revolution. It is in nobody’s interest for the energy sector to be left out of this transformation.” — James S. Turner, Board Chair of Citizens for Health

Here are the report’s press release short form, full website, and pdf.

Here is the complete report, “Getting Smarter About the Smart Grid.”

To dive right into the report and the issues it discusses, listen to this media and community conference call led by these four leaders in Smart Grid improvement and attended by over one hundred people.

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FCC Must Update Cell Tower Safety Regulations, Say Health and Environmental Advocates

Washington, D.C. – Citizen-activists are being urged by Citizens for Health, the American Academy of Environmental Medicine, and the EMF advocacy group,, to contact their representatives in Congress to request the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to update its obsolete cell tower safety regulations.

The FCC’s cell tower safety regulations need to be revised immediately because:

1) WHO has classified RF Radiation as a “Possible Carcinogen”
Radiofrequency electromagnetic fields (RF), as emitted by cell towers, have been classified by the World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) as a Class 2B “Possible Carcinogen”. (

2) Current Regulations Have Long Overlooked the Harm from RF Radiation’s “Non-Thermal” Biological Effects
Since the FCC set its safety guidelines for radiofrequency electromagnetic fields (RF) in 1996, new science has accumulated that makes clear “non-thermal” effects from cell towers, Wi-Fi and cell phones are at least as important as the “thermal risks” considered by the agency when it wrote the current rules fifteen years ago. To protect public health, FCC regulations need updating to reflect the new evidence of harm well below current exposure guidelines. (See Pathophysiology Vol 16, August 2009: and

3) Biological and Health Effects from RF Radiation Are Widely Occurring In Both Adults and Children
A vast body of scientific evidence has accumulated pointing to wide-ranging biological disruption to adults and children from wireless radiation, include immune, neurological, cardiovascular, cognitive and endocrine system disruption, as well as DNA damage and potentially irreversible harm to the genetic code. (See Seletun Scientific Statement

4) Evidence for RF Damage to the Ecosystem is Mounting
Biological effects from RF Radiation are occurring in wildlife and nature. Research shows adverse effects on organic life, including trees, house sparrows, storks, tadpoles, mice, bees and bats. These effects include infertility, changes in mating behavior, disruption to migratory patterns and even deaths. RF impact on small creatures, consumed by larger animals, and on crop pollinators, extends to us all and urgently needs government’s serious attention. (

To protect the public from risks from radiofrequency radiation (RF) the FCC must establish new safety guidelines for cell towers, Wi-Fi and cell phones that reflect the current science showing harm to human health, wildlife and nature.


TAKE ACTION – How to Communicate With Congress(

David Carpenter, MD, Director of the Institute for Health and Environment, and former Dean, School of Public Health, State University of New York, Albany, states:

“Beyond the strong evidence for an association between wireless radiation with cancer, there is increasing evidence for effects on the brain and behavior—effects on memory ability, on IQ, on learning ability. We should have a government that pays much more attention to this issue, and our government has ignored it totally. “

Carpenter adds, “I urge citizens to write members of Congress, write their local representatives, write their School Board members, and demand that actions be taken to reduce exposures, both to the children and to the general population. This is an urgent public health issue and citizens must insist government respond to the present evidence in an expedited manner to protect the public health.”

Whitney North Seymour, Jr., Esq., former New York State Senator, former U.S. Attorney and a co-founder of the Natural Resources Defense Council, says:

“In 1996, Congress directed the FCC to adopt safety regulations for cell transmission antennas.  These FCC standards were based on earlier studies created almost twenty years ago using even older data.  They are obsolete. The substantive evidence of harm from wireless radiation is overwhelming. It is imperative members of Congress request the FCC update the obsolete cell tower safety guidelines to reflect the current science.”

He adds, “Scientists have determined that within 1,500 feet of a cell tower all sorts of immediate physical discomforts occur, like sleeplessness, attention difficulties, headaches and cardiovascular irregularities. Within that radius cancer rates have been found to be three times higher. It is essential citizens use our country’s democratic process and be heard by members of Congress. Tell them, “I am your constituent. The FCC’s inaction is harming me and my family. Please do something about it!“

Environmental and Civil Rights Public Interest Attorney, Gabriel North Seymour, Esq., says:

“Don’t sit on the sidelines. Don’t think you are powerless. Urge your legislators to require safety zones and setbacks from cell towers to protect people, birds and wildlife—all organic life on earth—before it is too late.  Legislators fear one thing above all:  not to be re-elected.  Let your legislators, Congresswomen and Senators, know that as one of their constituents, your vote, and that of your friends, depends on your legislators taking action on this very serious matter.”

Robin Bernhoft, MD, President of the American Academy of Environmental Medicine says, “People who live near cell towers and antennas are in jeopardy. The science is increasingly clear that there are biological effects from both acute and chronic exposures to non-thermal microwave radiation. It is essential we have a government that puts the public’s health above commercial interests.”


Relevant Excerpts From the Seletun Statement on the Need for New Exposure Guidelines:

“The Seletun Scientific Panel recognizes that the body of evidence on EMF (e.g. electromagnetic fields, including RF radiation from cell towers) requires a new approach to protection of public health; the growth and development of the fetus, and of children; and argues for strong preventative actions. These conclusions are built upon prior scientific and public health reports documenting the following:

1) Low-intensity (non-thermal) bioeffects and adverse health effects are demonstrated at levels significantly below existing exposure standards for telecommunications and power utility technologies in developed and developing countries.

2) ICNIRP and IEEE/FCC public safety limits are inadequate and obsolete with respect to prolonged, low-intensity exposures common today.

3) New, biologically-based public exposure standards are urgently needed to protect public health world-wide.

4) It is not in the public interest to wait. Instead, governments should take decisive action now to protect biological function as well as the health of future generations.”

“Strong concern has been voiced by the public, and by scientists as well as public health and environmental policy experts, that the deployment of technologies that expose billions of people world-wide to new sources of EMF (e.g. electromagnetic fields, including RF radiation from cell towers) pose a pervasive risk to public health, and may pose a serious risk to future generations. Such exposures did not exist before the ‘age of industry and information’.  A rapidly accumulating body of scientific evidence of harm to health and well-being constitute warnings that adverse health effects can occur with short-term and prolonged exposures to very low-intensity EMF (e.g. electromagnetic fields, including RF radiation from cell towers) at biologically active frequencies or frequency combinations.”

Given the existing potential for global health risks from ongoing radiation from electromagnetic fields, the Seletun Scientific Panel says governments should educate and warn the public, implement measures balanced in favor of the Precautionary Principle, monitor compliance with directives promoting alternatives to wireless, and fund research and policy development geared toward prevention of exposures and development of new public safety measures, as well as new, safer communications technologies.


Proactive Steps by Citizen-Activists Can Make All the Difference in Causing Member of Congress and the FCC to Take the Necessary Steps to Protect Public and Environmental Health from Electromagnetic Fields

 “I have no doubt in my mind that at the present time,

the greatest polluting element in the earth’s environment is the

proliferation of electromagnetic fields.”

– Dr. Robert O. Becker, MD, orthopedic surgeon, author, pioneering researcher in the field of bioelectricity and twice nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize in medicine.


If you receive no response from any of your elected representatives, follow up and ask for a copy of the letter the representative sent to the FCC. Keep at it until the letter is received, plus any agency response. Thank each elected official and ask them to follow up.

If the elected representative provides a copy of his/her letter to the FCC, you may want to provide a copy of that letter to his/her local newspaper.

Media Contacts:

Jim Turner, Esq.
Chairman, Citizens for Health
o. 202-462-8800

Camilla Rees or
917-359-8450 or 415-992-5093

David O. Carpenter, MD
Director, Institute for Health & the Environment
University at Albany, SUNY
Tel: (518) 525-2660

Note to Media: For access to other scientists, physicians and attorneys, please contact

PDF of “Making Cell Towers Safe”

PDF of “How to Communicate With Congress”

PDF of Business Wire Press Release

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“50+ EMF Safety Tips & Insights”*

“50+ EMF Safety Tips & Insights” is an overview of cell phone and wireless technology hazards prepared for the convenience of media, physicians, health practitioners, parents, schools, and patients with chronic or unexplained illnesses by leading health and environmental activist, Camilla Rees, MBA. Read this foundational education and share!

Cellphone Industry Attacks San Francisco’s Ruling On Radiation

By Cecilia Kang
Washington Post Staff Writer
Tuesday, June 29, 2010; A01

original link:

San Francisco, a city that banned the plastic bag, now has waded into the muddy territory of cellphone radiation, setting off a call to arms in the $153 billion wireless industry.

Last week, the Board of Supervisors passed a law — the first in the nation — requiring retailers to inform their customers how much radiation the cellphones on their shelves emit, so shoppers can figure out how close the devices come to the upper limits on radiation set by the Federal Communications Commission.

The law, which goes into effect early next year, didn’t mention the word, but it was all about one thing: cancer, and whether cellphones cause it.

cellphone industry answered with its own C-word — cancel. After the vote, the CTIA wireless trade group called off its fall show, scheduled for San Francisco. Elsewhere in the country, the industry has been more successful. Earlier this year, similar laws in Maine and California were beaten back by the makers of the iPhone and Droid and the telecom giants that carry those phones on their networks.

“San Francisco has gotten out front on a number of issues historically,” said John Walls, a CTIA spokesman, “but in this case, we are concerned they are leading the pack down a wrong and misleading road.”

Lacking conclusive evidence one way or the other, studies relating to cellphone safety are being hurled about frenetically as cellphones grow ever more powerful and pervasive: Americans have more than 285 million mobile phones at their ears, and the number in use globally reaches 4.5 billion.

In 2006, Lennart Hardell, a professor of oncology and cancer epidemiology at the University Hospital in Orebro, Sweden, reported that adults he followed who had used cellphones for more than 10 years “give a consistent pattern of increased risk for acoustic neuroma and glioma,” forms of brain tumors. That study has been used as the basis for public health alerts by way of commercials, billboards and warning labels in nations including Britain, Israel, Finland and France, but it has had little resonance in the United States.

San Francisco 1st City to Require Warnings of Cell Phone Radiation Risk at Point of Sale

By Camilla Rees,

Today was a very important day in San Francisco!

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors passed Mayor Gavin Newsom’s cell phone ‘right to know’ ordinance that will require retailers to post warnings of cell phone radiation risk at the point-of-sale.

The ordinance, postponed last week to today to address legal liability concerns of the City of San Francisco and small business owners, passed with flying colors. In fact, it passed despite heavy lobbying by the telecommunications industry. To be enacted into law, there is first a 10 day comment period before the Mayor signs it into law.

This is a watershed moment for health advocates in the U.S. and families who have or have had members with brain tumors.

San Francisco is the first city in the country to require radiation disclosure data at the point of sale. Warnings were proposed in Maine in March, by Rep. Andrea Boland, and in the State of California in recent weeks by Sen. Mark Leno, but both bills did not pass.

The SAR value to be required at the point-of-sale in San Francisco is a measure of the power of the phone. The exposure limit in the U.S. is 1.6 W/Kg, for this type of radiation, and the guideline was based on an assumed 6 minutes of cell phone radiation exposure.

Please note, however, the SAR is not a complete gauge of cell phone safety. See my article on this at ( The cell phone SAR value does not accurately reflect the potential for biological harm from the frequencies of the communication, and, very importantly, there are also some biological effects that have been shown to be worse at lower SAR values compared to higher SAR values, such as blood brain barrier permeability. In no way should consumers be relying on the SAR value alone as a measure of safety, but instead realize it is how one uses a cell phone (speaker phone or headset vs. against one’s head) and for how long that matters most.

“This bill is a first step”, says Dr. Devra Davis of the Environmental Health Trust. “It would be dangerous for people to assume that they can hold a lower SAR phone close to the head for hours a day. How and where phones are used determines the overall exposures to radiofrequency radiation.”

According to Doug Loranger of SNAFU, the San Francisco Neighborhood Antenna Free Union, “The new law will be phased in over the next 2 years, with large formula retailers to be the first to comply, followed by small independent businesses that sell mobile phones”.

Scientists have known for some time that radiation emitted by cell phones posed serious risk. Olle Johannson, PhD of the Karolinska Institute in Sweden has said:

“At the Karolinska Institute, we have for many years observed very serious biological changes from exposure to microwave radiation and extremely low-frequency magnetic fields of the kind emitted by cell phones. The type of radiation emitted by cell phones has been linked to cancer, neurological diseases, impairments to immune function, and neurological function (cognition, behaviour, performance, mood status, disruption of sleep, increased risk for auto collisions, etc.). We also know that this kind of radiation impacts DNA, leading to possible mutations and cancer development, as well as affecting fertility and reproduction, causing a dramatic decline in sperm count.”

Just today, in Seoul, Korea, a presentation at the Bioelectromagnetics Society annual meeting ( by Lloyd Morgan, B.Sc. showed that the risk of brain tumors from cell phone use is in fact much higher that the recently published Interphone study acknowledged. Entitled “Re-evaluation of the Interphone Study: Application of a Correction Factor” (, the report, co-authored with Professor Michael Kundi of the Medical University of Vienna and Michael Carlberg, M.Sc. of the Department of Oncology, University Hospital, Örebro, Sweden, quantifies the extent of the underestimation of risk of brain tumors from cell phone use on account of the 12 design flaws, now widely reported on.

Morgan says, “What we have discovered indicates there is going to be one hell of a brain tumor pandemic unless people are warned and encouraged to change current cell phone use behaviors. Governments should not soft-peddle this critical public health issue but instead rapidly educate citizens on the risks. People should hear the message clearly that cell phones should be kept away from one’s head and body at all times.”

Please read the full Press Release and audio news releases on this important new scientific report at

San Francisco Legislation –Draft (stay tuned for final)

Download the Warning Poster Draft from the Mayor of San Francisco here:

– by Camilla Rees

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