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10,000 Signatures in 10 Days; We Can Do It!

By James J. Gormley

With Citizens for Health supporters already having generated over 11,000 letters to Congress demanding that the FDA’s NDI (New Dietary Ingredient) Draft Guidance be withdrawn, the organization is now on a mission to collect 10,000 petition signatures in 10 days calling for Congress to withhold FDA appropriations until this unaccountable agency is held to account: by adjuring the FDA to withdraw the supplement-killing NDI Guidance and to cease and desist from reviewing and enforcing against dietary supplements and nutritional ingredients according to its willfully adversarial re-interpretation of the laws governing dietary supplements.

To help us in this effort, Australian truth rapper and activist Jody Lloyd, aka Trillion, has re-mastered CFH’s “10,000 Signatures” video to make our call-to-arms that much more impactful!

Please sign the petition today and send out the link (and video!) to all of your contacts, friends and family, work colleagues, in short, everyone in your personal universe who cares about their rights to high-quality, innovative dietary supplements!

Written by

Vice President and Senior Policy Advisor of Citizens for Health and a principal of Gormley NPI Consulting, James Gormley served as the Editor-in-Chief of "Better Nutrition" magazine and Editorial Director of the Vitamin Retailer Magazine group. He also served as the Scientific and Regulatory Affairs officer for Nutrition 21 and attended Codex Alimentarius meetings in Paris and Rome. An award-winning blogger and author of six books, including "Health at Gunpoint: The FDA’s Silent War Against Health Freedom," Gormley has been a leading consumer health advocate for nearly 20 years.

47 Responses to “10,000 Signatures in 10 Days; We Can Do It!”

By Susan E. Barrett - 23 November 2011 Reply

Please think about this drugs given by doctors are killing people the are not always safe yet these are allowed to be ingested. Supplements, herbs and spices are safe and necessary. This will not make happy campers. Dontch think you have done enough damage with flouride and Aspertame.

By sue reed - 24 November 2011 Reply

what else can be done to stop them

By James Gormley - 26 November 2011 Reply

Dear Sue,
The first step is signing the petition here:
And please encourage all of your friends and family to do so, as well.
We will be delivering the signatures to Congress on Friday and will be unveiling other opportunities for action after that point.
I welcome ideas from you and others as well as to additional tactics.
Again, thank you!
James (Citizens for Health)

By Penny Leibbrand - 25 November 2011 Reply

We value our rights as citizens to use supplements.

By Suzanne M. Sheridan - 25 November 2011 Reply

Do something good for people.. allow them to do preventative medicine without restrictions and know that what needs regulation is prescription drugs, like those that caused my mothers premature death given to her by her doctor… come on look at the real problems

By sharon - 25 November 2011 Reply

There are lot of drugs that were prescribed by Doctors that are not effective or slowly killing people and even that are not safe at all. Supplements, herbs and spices are safe!

By Sally Thomas - 25 November 2011 Reply

Eat what God and Nature put here or pay a heavy price tag. All the killers are nutritional…….beriberi, scurvy,pellagra, pernicious anemia throw tuberculosis in the works and that leaves heart disease and cancer.

By Susan Rutledge - 25 November 2011 Reply

Why am I having such a hard time finding and signing the petition?? I need some help!


By RAYMOND ELIGGI - 25 November 2011 Reply


By Pamela Armstrong-Manchester - 25 November 2011 Reply

The freedom for U.S.citizens to have available and utilize supplements, herbs, spices and Organic Foods plus a holistically balanced life-style can effectively prevent more diseases than medical doctors can effectively treat and “cure” diseases.

By Thomas Wepfer - 25 November 2011 Reply

I demand that the FDA’s NDI (New Dietary Ingredient) Draft Guidance be withdrawn,

By James Gormley - 26 November 2011 Reply

Dear Thomas,
Thanks so much for your comment.
But to be official, you will need to sign the petition here:
Please encourage all of your friends and family to do so, as well.
Again, thank you!
James (Citizens for Health)

By Ruth deGeus - 25 November 2011 Reply

I am requesting that FDA’s NDI Draft Guidance be withdraw. Leave our choice for supplements alone.

By James Gormley - 26 November 2011 Reply

Dear Ruth,
Thanks so much for your comment.
But to be official, you will need to sign the petition here:
Please encourage all of your friends and family to do so, as well.
Again, thank you!
James (Citizens for Health)

By Magdalena - 25 November 2011 Reply

Please allow people the choice of choosing prescription drugs versus supplements, herbs and quality, organic food as a means of taking care of their bodies and mind!

By Lisa Trudell - 25 November 2011 Reply

I want my right to take supplements, the right to choose natural health care over prescription drugs. I say NO to fluoride in our water and GMO foods. This is another step in what I perceive as crimes against humanity, and human beings all over the world are conscious of this.

By Barbara Boyden - 25 November 2011 Reply

Don’t touch my supplemens, leave my choices to me.

By James Gormley - 26 November 2011 Reply

Dear Barbara,
Thanks so much for your comment.
But to be official, you will need to sign the petition here:
Please encourage all of your friends and family to do so, as well.
Again, thank you!
James (Citizens for Health)

By Marcella Steffes - 25 November 2011 Reply

The vitamin and mineral supplements I have taken have kept me very healthy even though I am almost 85 years old, while some of the prescriptions I was asked to take have caused a lot of problems. I would consider it a great injustice to take away my freedom to take vitamins, herbs and minerals at will, while allowing free use of prescription drugs which often cause more health problems and sometimes even kill people.

By Morley Alldred - 25 November 2011 Reply

Stop the FDA illegal action and make them abide by the law

By James Gormley - 26 November 2011 Reply

Dear Morley,
Thanks so much for your comment.
But to be official, you will need to sign the petition here:
Please encourage all of your friends and family to do so, as well.
Again, thank you!
James (Citizens for Health)

By Jane Smythe - 25 November 2011 Reply

This is obviously a ploy from the drug companies. Somewhere we need to draw the line- I have a right to put anything in my body I want…did you forget it is about a very personal freedom?

By Kathi - 26 November 2011 Reply

We need not have more rights taken away from us. The FDA is more concerned about revenue than our health. Supplements do not harm! I cannot take medications. The 23 I have tried have given me serious side effects, but I do fine with “reputable” supplements – not the Wal-Mart, K-Mart, GNC brands that are the ones tested and reported on by the media. The congress people who are trying to take this privilege away from us do not study dietary supplements, nor do most doctors. The government should stay out of this and allow us to make our own choices.

By Beverley Ashland - 26 November 2011 Reply

Supplements, herbs and spices are completely safe. Drugs have
shown time and time again that they have ruined peoples lives.
There are definitely some effective drugs if used properly.
Fluoride is highly dangerous – information about this has been
available for years. It’s just the money making racket that
pusshes drugs without concern for people.

By Jerry Allen - 26 November 2011 Reply

Please tell congress and the FDA to withdraw the proposed NDI Draft Guideness legislation.

By James Gormley - 26 November 2011 Reply

Dear Jerry,
Thanks so much for your comment.
But to be official, you will need to sign the petition here:
Please encourage all of your friends and family to do so, as well.
Again, thank you!
James (Citizens for Health)

By Reynold Samuel - 26 November 2011 Reply

Forget the FDA. I want to know what Congress has to say about that. ultimately, a government office has to put the final stamp of approval on that motion. If they do, I will lose all respect for the Obama administration because more people die from Tobacco, Alcohol and prescription drugs than they do from taking vitamins. What are they gonna do next? keep me from consuming fruits and vegetables? That’s what my vitamin supplements are made of.

By Kathleen Kreiselmeyer - 26 November 2011 Reply

Please stop this insanity and unfair activity – please start asking the senators behind this bill and the FDA how much money is being received by them, individually or as a whole, from the pharmacy companies to proceed with this infringement of civil rights. We the People have the right to determine what is safe health care – it certainly is not being provided via prescription meds and the numerous side effects & deaths caused by them.

By Vanessa Denham - 26 November 2011 Reply

People don’t think they will ever actually take away our vitamins and minerals, but it’s happened in other countries. Vitamins and minerals are only sold by prescription in some countries. Wake up folks, it could happen here as well. They are already trying to outlaw growing your own gardens. The only way to keep the masses under control is to be certain they don’t have the health and energy and clear minds to choose for themselves. Lack of nutrition and large amounts of drugs are the easiest way to ensure that. Hence, flouride in our water and lack of access to nutritional information and supplements.

By Felicia N. Trujillo, ND - 26 November 2011 Reply

I have been fighting this since 1993, when I told Lee Udall, the wife of Steward Udall, the Great Environmentalist. I mentioned that I might die within six months without access to the supplements that give me some immune function. Lee called Sen. Orrin Hatch, who killed the CODEX bill at the time. Definitely contact Republicans on this! They hate the invasion–in recent years, I contacted Sen. Udall and Sen.McCain telling them that Lee, now passed away, would hate that bill. McCain withdrew it last round. BUT FIX THE LINK TO TRILLION as there is no way to find this song.

By James Gormley - 26 November 2011 Reply

Dear Dr. Trujillo,
Thank you so much for your post.
There are three links related to the video in this post: the first is to information about Jody Lloyd, and the second two links are to the video, which work fine for me.
Here it is again:
I will contact you separately, as well.
All my best,
James (Gormley)

By Stephen Bross - 27 November 2011 Reply

It breaks my heart that our health care system has really become about disease management (maintenance) rather than promoting and sustaining true health and recovery. Supplements are a very big part of preventive care, giving people tremendous support in recovering from health problems, particularly in conjunction with traditional alopathic medicine. Please help safeguard our rights as citizens to make our own choices about our health, within a wide variety of options, supplements being one of them.

By You (entire legal name) - 27 November 2011 Reply

Shall we make it time, right now, to do what is right, not only what is the most honest and health-promoting action, but what is right? If so, that means to me – cleaning house from the agencies, federal in particular, which are peopled with many good people but a few very rotten apples.

One rotten apple spoils the whole basket – that’s what my mother used to say in the 1950s and 1960s. If we remove the rotten-intentioned folks who are attempting to stifle the American public’s access to excellent health supplements, those people who are somehow connected to very Big Money interests, like huge pharmaceutical companies and the allopathic medicine interests who definitely want to keep their old paradigms alive, prescribing sometimes-deadly prescription drugs, unnecessary surgeries, tests, etc., and Big Agricultural interests using deadly pesticides, planting GMO seeds, and the Junk Food producers, if we replace the rotten apples with clear-headed and good intentioned honest professionals wanting to allow the public to have access to wonderful natural supplements, life can be sweet.

Time to clean out the bad apples and rotten matter which is disconnected from ethical actions and solid integrity.
You, Boulder, CO

By Diane Israel - 27 November 2011 Reply

Thank you all for all your hard work and the honesty that is happening. Yea truth!!

By James Gormley - 27 November 2011 Reply

Dear Diane,
Thank YOU for the wonderful honesty and integrity of your BEAUTY MARK movie…….and thank you for believing in what we are doing on behalf of our supporters.
If you could get the word out re the petition to all of your contacts and lists, that would be totally awesome!
Here is the link:
Thanks again, Diane!
(James Gormley for Citizens for Health)

By h. hallie hancock - 27 November 2011 Reply

Food fascism MUST be stopped for this to be a free and informed republic consisting of sovereign citizens who are capable of informing themselves. The bigger threat is Big Pharma: their creations have killed more people in the USA by drug interactions/incorrect administration of drugs/and worse, malfeasance. When will they be held accountable, that is the question? That is another important issue for the FDA to answer. Because the FDA has made them partners in various ways, there exists a significant conflict of interest which puts American lives at risk!!!

By marina beadleston - 28 November 2011 Reply

Do not take away our rights to choose and take supplements!

By Michele Koss - 28 November 2011 Reply

Please help stop then from taking more freedoms away from us!

By Sherri Queen - 28 November 2011 Reply

FDA just wants to have control of everything. Our rights are slowly being taken away by our government. It is happening everyday and it makes me sick.

By Suki Roth - 28 November 2011 Reply

Please leave the right to choose what we need to take to support out helath and well-being…most of us are intelligent enough no need to protect us from natural products…

By Patty Gates - 28 November 2011 Reply

Yes to natural supplements!

By anders F Jacobsen - 30 November 2011 Reply

Its OK for Dr,s to give us dangerous drugs Why should they restrict us from taking harmless supplements next thing that will happen is they they will make us get permission from eating

Quit taking our freedoms away next thing might be that we cant eat a fresh apple from a tree without their permission

By anders F Jacobsen - 30 November 2011 Reply

I thought I already left my comment however quit messing with our right to have healthy food and supplements

By Marion Culhane - 30 November 2011 Reply

When we take responsibility for our own health and well-being, we are supporting our country’s economy as well.

By Janine Jones - 15 February 2012 Reply

Health care costs are already impossible. Stop trying to make it impossible for people, OTHER THAN CORPORATIONS, to take care of themselves and thrive.

Janine Jones

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